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Phil Tangent

Phil Tangent turned heads in 2009 when Bailey championed his track Billie’s Smile on his BBC 1Xtra show. Through this support, he caught the attention of Marcus Intalex which culminated in his first release on Soul:R and in turn propelled him firmly into the drum and bass scene.

The development of Phil’s musical style is heavily influenced by his parents’ record collection and hours spent listening to a melting pot of genres including soul, reggae and world music as he grew up. Not only that but early LTJ Bukem mix tapes showed him the versatile arena of drum and bass in which he could combine everything he loves about music and where he now bases his production.

Having already released on such an influential labels as Soul:R, Lunar Records and Integral Records, Phil is steadily building on his success and is set to go from strength to strength.

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