Mako's Utopia Pad Pack for Lab Samples

With what seems like everyone using samples these days as their main source of sound material, do you think this is a positive or negative aspect to creating music?

I feel that defining what I think sampling is before I start would be helpful.. I’m of the general opinion that sampling is taking one section, or ‘sample’ from a sound recording. I think this is where it ends for me. Some people say that sampling is also using that sampled sound as, for example, another instrument or sound effect, either as it originally sounded or changed in some way, sometimes to the point of being unrecognisable.

I sit on the fence whether its positive or negative really. Modern recorded music has evolved from focusing principally on musicianship and performance into an auditory collage where no sound is off limits. Sampling is simply another colour on our palettes. Whether we’re sampling old records, using advanced multi-sampling techniques, or recording sounds ourselves, I say use what you want whenever you want, which is loosely summed up by the neat phrase ‘music has the right to children’.

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Michelle Pelling